Kai Hoffman-Krull 
Kai was most recently employed as the director of the Yale Divinity School Farm. Previously he worked as the assistant grower for L’Arche Tacoma Farm and Gardens. He spent two seasons studying permaculture on Waldron Island in the San Juans, and biodynamic farming at Life Line Farms in Victor Montana. He received his M.A. in Religion and Literature from Yale University in May of 2012.
Luciano Garofalo 
Luciano grew up among the endless wheat fields in Kansas, where he helped with the biennial controlled burning of prairie pasture.  He has experience working on organic farms in Kansas, Iowa, and Washington, and working for programs that address food security needs by teaching at-risk populations to garden.  Luciano is a student of naturopathic medicine and sees our connection to the earth–our source of food and life–as being integral to our physical and spiritual health.
The Edible Design team met at L’Arche Tahoma Hope. L’Arche is a community of people with and without developmental disabilities. If you would like to learn more about the community or the L’Arche Tahoma Farm please visit