We install vegetable gardens, perennial herbs, berry bushes, and fruit trees. Instead of grass we plant fertilizing ground covers and flowers. We create diverse ecosystems that become habitats for beneficial micro-organisms, insects, and birds that defend your plants from harmful pests and diseases. As your yard develops, maintenance decreases and yields increase. These gardens are investments in food and beauty for years to come.

Late summer and early fall is the best time to plant perennials so please contact us to receive an estimate or consultation.

Here’s a list of our services:


Do you have an already existing garden that isn’t growing in the ways you’d like? We offer consultations and amendment programs to get your crops large and lush.


We’ll keep your garden healthy and weed free.

Garden Installations 

Here’s our process:

1. Soil Testing

We test your soil and analyze the ph and nutrient levels.

 2. Design

We work with you to create a garden that looks and tastes the way you want.

3. Soil Amending

We start improving the soil of your yard with variety of composts and micro nutrients. This amendment programs go far beyond the common nitrogen/phosphorus/potash fertilizing system and instead introduces balanced amounts of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulfur (S), carbon (C), hydrogen (H), boron (B) and oxygen (O).

4. Beneficial Organisms

We introduce compost sprays into your soil that are full of the living organisms that aid in growth and development. They work to improve the health of your plants, helping the plant’s immune system defend itself from harmful pests, bacteria, and fungi. Your garden then mimics the natural soil ecosystems of Northwest woodlands.

 5. Planting

Once the soil is ready the planting is easy. We offer vegetable gardens in a variety of forms and designs.We also offer perennial gardens of berries, fruit trees and herbs that self sustain themselves year after year. And the best part of perennial gardens–no weeding! These gardens are investments that can be feeding your family for generations.


We partner with L’Arche Farm and Gardens to bring you high quality local plants.