Edible Design uses state of the art organic biofertilizers. These liquid fertilizers are used both as foliar sprays (on the plant’s leaves) and to stimulate root growth. They balance your soil’s major nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus), as well as amending with micronutrients and microorganisms.

Sea Fertilizer

Our pacific ocean is an incredible source of nutrients. Sea Fertilizer consists of locally harvested kelp, fossilized bat guano, seabird guano, crushed crab and oyster exoskeletons. This mixture is fermented in a liquid solution of humic acid and mycorrhizal fungi to make the micronutrients even more available to your plants. Sea Fertilizer is ideal to help all your perennial shrubs and trees develop strong and deep root systems.

Comfrey Fertilizer

Often called the “miracle plant” comfrey has taproots that can reach up to 30 feet long. These roots harvest a number of substrata nutrients, specifically copper, that helps your plants fight off disease. Fermented with seabird guano, alder cones, and humic acid it is a great foliar spray to keep your garden healthy and increase fertility.